2015 and Beyond

Sorry for the silence, I’ve moved everything to a new squarespace platform: livesadventure.com

Here’s a peek at my 2014 review, check it out on the new site:

The New Year, like a birthday, or anniversary for who knows what is but another arbitrary date to mark the passing of another fleeting year. A lot of time goes by in one year. But the New Year feels more resonant as a marker, maybe its that everyone is in it together, whereas a birthday the attention is focused on you the individual. There’s more space to look backwards and forwards, as its hard to ruminate if you’re the center of attention.

I much prefer to look back at the year than the opposite. New Years Resolutions are some of the most cockeyed shit we come up with. Gym memberships and voodoo diets, new planners and abstract hopes made less tangible because they are inspired by an arbitrary marker rather than a real desire to change….



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