A change of pace

In Rome, my buddy Matteo was incredulous of my plan to be in Bormio for a month. Wouldn’t I get bored in a small mountain village, no more than a few thousand people, most of whom don’t really share a language with me?!

The easy answer is no. I went there to bike, and I threw myself in. I was usually out all day, and time spent off the bike was usually with incredible Italian food.

It’s a nice life out there. Riding everyday, surrounded by nature at her finest. The air is clean and there aren’t too many people. The finer things in life exist and you can focus on them. Outside is free and adventure always called.

I spent this afternoon in Milan on the way to the airport. Holy shit what a change. The air was rank with petrol and piss, there were people everywhere, and construction replaced mountains and trees. Still a beautiful city, but I saw it in a whole new light after my mountain retreat.

These band aid quick turnarounds are good. They help me stay in the preset and focus on what I’m doing. Being in milan reminded me to turn city mode on again.

I’m taking a break from the hotel because I got a fellowship from my university to study contemporary art curating in Budapest, Leipzig and Berlin. July will be full of sweet art, most of it unfamiliar to me. I’ll meet gallery owners, curators and artists, developing the skills and insight to curate my own show next spring at university.

The split summer is giving me the chance to explore both my passions in a more professional setting, hoping influencing my next few years. It’s worked out well so far, I can’t wait to land in Budapest in a few hours.




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