What goes in the backpack?

Two months of clothing

Two months of clothing

As I last wrote, I’ve got quite the journey planned for the next two months…Many countries, two months and a few sports worth of traveling. How do you choose what to bring? Here’s what I’m going with

Biking Stuff:

Basic kit – jersey, shorts , baselayer, gloves, sweatband, sunglasses, socks, bike shoes

Warm stuff – windbreaker, arm warmers, leg warmers

tubes and basic tools, pump and tire irons

bike and helmet and lock


3 t-shirts

2 shorts

5 underwear

5 pairs of socks

boat shoes

2 long sleeve button ups

1 sweater

1 softshell pullover

1 swimsuit

1 running shorts and running shirt

running shoes

1 belt

1 jeans


sleeping bag and inflatable pad

hair buzzer

camelback resevoir

backpacking towel

small first aid kid and WFR guidebook

The Call of the Wild and White Fang by Jack London

kindle fire hd


Canon dSLR with two lenses and lots of SD card memory

cell phone

digital watch

knife / multitool



3-in-1 bodywash

toothbrush, toothpaste, floss

130 daily contacts, eye drops,

2 pairs of glasses

razor and shaving creme


Two months - one backpack

Two months – one backpack

All in 1 70 liter backpacking pack. Pack light to save more space for memories. Here we go, train leaves for Nice tomorrow. So the adventure begins


One response to “What goes in the backpack?

  1. Have an awesome summer adventure Luc! It sounds fantastic. Elaine and I will be thinking of you.

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