On sunsets

843979_10152458299560291_1607164420_o (1)Sunsets signal the end of natural light in a day, but  in these modern times, the day continues into night, full of life as ever, regardless of the artificiality of the light. They are a beautiful reminder of human progress.In centuries past, man and woman would worry every night, would  Sun return the next day? Now, we understand it’s imminent return, as well  have the capability to fill its void with our own light.

Yet they are also  a tragic reminder of the tolls our lifestyle lifestyle takes on Mother Earth.  I used to take sunsets as evidence of the bountiful beauty in nature, but was shocked to learn of the role of pollution in creating the striking colors. Such a tragic connection, to create beauty from destruction.

Today, in Istanbul, one  of  the biggest cities in the world, I saw one of the most beautiful sunsets of my life…


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