Zurich a gateway

After a day of chaos involving an expired passport, then a week long delay, my dad brother and I finally made it to Zurich, and took our first steps abroad of our massive adventure, a bike tour from Lisbon to Munich.

Familiar places recall memories, today once again Zurich serves as my stepping off point, this time to Istanbul. A lot has changed since that last trip, I’ve grown not just in independence, but capability and curiosity as well.

I nearly followed my dad blindly on that trip,now it feels more satisfying to chart the course myself. The biggest step in traveling is getting yourself or there to begin with, from there the little logistics such as getting around, paying, navigating confusing culture are completely negated in the fascinating journey.

It’ll be a trek getting to our hostel, but I’ve learned to embrace the delays and confusing buses. Things always work out in the end, and the circuitous route can be the best, especially in a unfamiliar territory.

The world feels a little smaller when you can find familiar things to cling to. It may be far from special, but these repeat conditions in Zurich add significance to the city for me. Time to go make sure memories.


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