A hard beginning maketh a good ending

And quite the beginning it was.

My flights were fine, I watched a movie, had a great chat with my seatmate and did some studying but things became chaotic as I landed in Paris.

Too proud to take a taxi, I took the bus, with my big duffel bag, big backpack, bike box and small but heavy daypack. The bus took a lot of stops in the cargo area of the airport and then in a small ethnic suburb and I was worried I was in the wrong place. Nevertheless, it took me where i wanted, to my neighborhood for the next two weeks of Ménilmontant, near the Porte de Bangolet.

First I couldn’t find the street that the hosue was on, so I trudged around with all my stuff for a while until I found it. Then I realized I had neglected to write don the phone number or the house number of my home for the next two weeks. I was burdened with too much stuff and a need for food and an internet cafe. The food was easy, I got a wonderful baguette and some fruit, the internet cafe was not, nor was the stuff. I asked many people, even to use the computer in their homes, with no luck. Finally, someone knew where one was and I could go look up the home address. I got there sore, but now I’m content. It is 4:30 right now and I am struggling to stay awake, but I know I need to. No jetlag!


3 responses to “A hard beginning maketh a good ending

  1. Congrats on solving your first set of problems! Bon chance over there–have a few pan au chocolat for me!

  2. Can’t believe you took the bus! Well done on the problem-solving. Excited for you…
    C’est incroyable que tu prennes le bus de l’aeroport! Tres bien d’avoir adressee les petits problemes. J’ai hate de lire plus de tes aventures…

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