The first steps

Life is more than just a journey, it is an adventure. While the everyday man may not have his adventure recorded in epic fashion as Odysseus, King Arthur or even Frodo Baggins, it is every bit as important. With this in mind I document my tale. I do so for a number of reasons.

The reason we love to read literature, watch films and listen to music is because to soak in stories of others. Someone may be interested in learning mine eventually.

The human mind is imperfect. I have lost so many memories already, writing is a powerful alternative to memory.

To a great degree, the things we learn are more best realized when the student becomes the teacher. Here, I can take what I’ve learnt in my life and offer it to the world.

I believe that the most inspired choices you make are the ones without deliberation. I had the idea to start this site a few minutes ago, I have no plan. Yet here I go. Welcome to my adventure.


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